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You need to know which terms you or your client previously agreed to – but there’s little time to pour through deal documents. Come to the table prepared to negotiate with AI-powered, automated and secure M&A deal analysis from eBrevia.

M&A Deal Points M&A Deal Points

Pre-trained, trainable AI. At your service.

Save time and money reviewing documents for critical deal points with eBrevia in two basic steps:

  1. The software uses machine learning to extract key provisions in deal documents.
  2. You have an accurate view of the most important points.
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We’ve already done the legwork on which provisions need your attention, including:

  • 10b-5
  • Deductible basket
  • Exclusive remedy
  • Gold in the backyard
  • Indemnification cap
  • MAE
  • MAE exceptions
  • Materiality scrape
  • No shop
  • Pro-sandbagging
  • Reps and warranties insurance
  • Termination fee

Don’t see what you need? You can also build your own internal deal point studies (and you don’t have to be technical to do it).


A whole new way to deal with M&A
A whole new way to deal with M&A

A whole new way to deal with M&A

eBrevia makes it easier for you to speed up review, track issues and reduce overall costs – so you can rethink how you work on your way to stronger negotiations.

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Fast, accurate & actionable

  • Go 30-90% faster than with manual review alone and increase accuracy
  • Monitor status and productivity with a streamlined dashboard
  • Extract summaries in Excel, Word or your own database

Easy to implement

  • Cloud or on-premise solutions
  • Send data to directly to your CLM, CMS, CRM or ERP system
  • Integrates with Venue and other VDRs

Collaborative & intuitive

  • Assign, group, tag and compare documents
  • Determine controlling language for a term
  • Share documents and control access

All your M&A needs. Handled.

We’ve got each stage of M&A transactions covered. That’s right: eBrevia is one in an end-to-end suite of integrated M&A deal management software solutions.

We’re here to help you:

  • Review precedent agreements
  • Populate disclosure schedules
  • Accelerate due diligence
  • Strengthen negotiations
  • Simplify post-merger integration

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What else can I do with eBrevia?
What else can I do with eBrevia?

What else can I do with eBrevia?

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