Be a follower of regulations

Breakthrough AI keeps you compliant – and saves you time and money. Stay ahead of the constant changes to federal and state laws and regulations by automating contract review with eBrevia, our AI compliance software.

Audit & Compliance Audit & Compliance

Be on time, every time.

Contract compliance audits come with high stakes. Miss the deadline, and you’re facing:

  • Non-compliance fees
  • Risk exposure due to missed obligations and liabilities
  • Lost lucrative opportunities
eBrevia Audit & Compliance

But use eBrevia, and you’re well on your way to on-time audits. How? eBrevia leverages AI and machine learning to extract key provision language and data points from your contracts. Even if you have thousands – or hundreds of thousands – of documents to review, you get an actionable, accurate summary in minutes. Compare, search and analyze:

  • Contract expiration dates
  • Auto-renewal
  • Liabilities
  • Obligations
  • And more

Be the most compliant of them all

Designed and supported by professionals in your industry, eBrevia is pre-trained to tackle a range of compliance and regulatory projects, including those related to data privacy

Here’s a sampling of what you can take on with eBrevia by your side:

  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • General Data Protections Regulations (GDPR) repapering
  • Brexit-related document reviews
  • Revenue recognition and lease accounting changes under IFRS 15/16 and ASC 606/842
  • LIBOR-related review of finance documents

Got something specific? We’re built for that, too. You can easily customize the software to recognize information according to your company’s needs (no technical expertise required).

eBrevia - Audit & Compliance

Be ready for the next change

Yes, our AI works fast. Then again, most everything about eBrevia helps you speed processes and collaborate securely. So when it comes to compliance contract management, you’re always ready to adapt to the next big change.

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Act fast

  • Save 30-90% of time and increase accuracy
  • Check project status via our dynamic dashboard and customize settings 
  • Deploy on-premise or via cloud

Move together

  • Share documents and control access
  • Integrate to Venue, other VDRs and major contract management systems
  • Enhance access between systems with an open API

See clearly

  • Extract info based on criteria like term, renewal, pricing, assignment and more
  • Convert scanned documents to searchable text
  • Display results in Excel, Word or your own database
eBrevia - Audit & Compliance
eBrevia - Audit & Compliance

What else can I do with eBrevia?

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