Data? Private. Compliance review? Fast & accurate.

Legal guidelines for how to collect and use personal data are in constant flux. Stay ahead of harsh penalties when you securely automate the review of hundreds – or thousands – of data privacy contracts with each new set of regulations.

Data Privacy Data Privacy

AI for PII (and more).

As regulations evolve, how do you determine your legal obligations?

You need a broader analysis of the data privacy clauses in your contracts and how they comply with data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Both carry hefty non-compliance fines – and thanks to the Schrems II decision invalidating the US-EU Privacy Shield, you also need to identify any needed amendments for GDPR compliance.

eBrevia UI

It doesn’t have to take weeks. Go faster with fewer errors when you automate your review process with eBrevia, AI-powered analytics software that’s pre-trained to identify data privacy references and languages, like:

  • Personal data
  • Data subject rates
  • Data retention
  • Data breach
  • Transfer of personal data
  • Export regulation
  • Confidentiality
  • Use of confidential info
  • Duty to protect confidential info
Make eBrevia your own
Make eBrevia your own

Make eBrevia your own

Once you’ve extracted key provisions, what will you do with the data points? eBrevia makes it easy to set up and act fast across teams and systems.

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Operate on your own terms

  • Launch via cloud or on-premise
  • Easily train the software to extract custom provisions
  • Export summaries in Excel, Word, or your own database

Make it a team sport

  • Assign, group, tag and compare documents
  • Share documents and control access
  • Reference project status in a dynamic dashboard
What else can I do with eBrevia?
What else can I do with eBrevia?

What else can I do with eBrevia?

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