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It’s a fast-paced climate, and financial challenges are bound to happen. Whether you need to file insolvency proceedings or maintain obligations, respond quicker and make better-informed decisions with AI-powered bankruptcy management software. 

Bankruptcies and Restructuring Bankruptcies and Restructuring

Determine risk exposure in minutes

What’s your risk exposure across credit agreements, derivative contracts and other debt instruments?

Just extracting the relevant data points from contracts could take days or weeks. Until now.

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When you need to greatly expand the scope of contract review, put AI on the case and handle bankruptcy contract management with greater accuracy – in minutes. Our secure platform uses machine learning and natural language processing technology to automatically extract data from a variety of agreements. For financial restructuring, eBrevia can extract provisions from credit agreements and debt instruments like:

  • Alternate base rate/Base rate
  • Maturity date
  • Borrowers
  • Borrower indemnification
  • Minimum liquidity
  • Capital expenditures
  • Minimum tangible net worth
  • Commitment reduction/increase
  • Current ratio
  • Payment dates
  • Revolving loan commitment
  • Interest coverage ratio
  • Interest rate/Applicable margin
  • Term loan commitment
  • Lender(s)
  • And many more

But really, this list is endless. In addition to these out-of-the-box extractions, you can train eBrevia to identify custom provisions according to your needs – even if you’re not highly technical.


Designed and supported by professionals in your industry

We designed this platform specifically for service providers, lenders and financial institutions. For more on how our bankruptcy and restructuring provisions can meet your needs, check out these resources:

What is contract data without action?

When it comes to bankruptcy contract analytics, eBrevia moves you forward, starting with actionable, easy-to-navigate summaries you can export to Excel, Word or your own database.

Get moving on restructuring with eBrevia:

  • Deploy via cloud or on-premise
  • Assign, group, tag and compare documents
  • Share documents and control access
  • Customize project settings and check status via our dynamic dashboard

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eBrevia UI
Bankruptcies and Restructuring
Bankruptcies and Restructuring

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