eBrevia is At least 10% more accurate and 50-67% faster than manual review alone.

Free up time with automated extraction and shift your focus to advanced review and analysis.

Customize our products to extract provisions specific to your project or industry.


OUR artificial intelligence quickly gives you insights into your legal documents so you can focus on more important tasks. 


Market Problem:

In order to know what their legal documents contain for purposes of operations, audit/compliance, and other business activities, corporations and other organizations have had to rely on manual review and abstraction, which are time-consuming, costly, and error-prone.

Companies invest in expensive CMS that must be manually populated with data from their contracts; manual data extraction is expensive and error-prone, resulting in CMS’s info that is out of date and useless.

Business transactions (e.g., M&A or IPO) get bogged down by legal due diligence, leading to business opportunity losses.

Our Solutions:

With eBrevia’s platform, customers quickly extract textual data and gain insights from hundreds of thousands of documents (such as leases, vendor agreements, and licenses) in a few days instead of months.

Customers can use eBrevia’s off-the-shelf products or customize our platform to their needs. Freed from the tedium of reviewing legal documents, organizations can redirect their human talent to high-value work, such as strategic and advisory activities.

Is eBrevia right for you?

eBrevia benefits these specific industries:

  • Corporate Legal Departments

  • Accounting/Consulting Firms

  • Law firms

  • Commercial Real Estate Firms  

  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses