As described below in LegalTech News, Thomson Reuters announced a new partnership with eBrevia, where the company’s legal managed services team will use eBrevia’s technology for its contract remediation projects and train it to be used in broader use cases. Thomson Reuters selected eBrevia as an AI contract analytics partner from a wider pool of similar technology platforms using three main criteria: the speed and efficiency of the tool, its accuracy and its ability to handle nontraditional content. Thomson Reuters will also leverage eBrevia’s software to extract contract data and intelligence to help power the company’s Contract Express platform, which generates clauses for contract drafting.

“We sought an innovative partner that not only could deliver results but also could work with us to build something beyond just traditional data extraction,” said Eric Laughlin, managing director, Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services. “To make our selection, we pressure-tested emerging abstraction technologies with real world contract sets, and found that the machine learning technology employed by eBrevia delivered consistent results while offering excellent project management and quality control features.”

“We are pleased that eBrevia’s machine learning technology will be used by managed services professionals at Thomson Reuters to augment their deep domain expertise to deliver both time savings and increased accuracy for contract remediation and other use cases,” said Adam Nguyen, eBrevia’s co-founder.

From Thompson Reuters:
Thomson Reuters Collaborates with eBrevia to Deliver AI-Driven Contract Remediation Solution

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