In an article entitled “No Corner Offices in the Law Firms of the Future (And That's Not a Bad Thing!)” the Recorder describes how technology is changing the practice of law and influencing law firm office space needs. The article states “Paralegals and first year associates are often expected to wade through enormous amounts of often-unstructured data, and this is, of course, a massive time sink. But new versions of AI can wade through and analyze this data effectively, freeing up humans to do the more cerebral work. AI can also be trained to help predict litigation and search documents for concepts instead of keywords, leading to more sophisticated search practices that will in turn eliminate the necessity for document review. For example, the company eBrevia uses AI to speed up the industry-standard processes of contract analysis, due diligence, and lease abstraction—all of which can suck up huge chunks of time (and blow through the client's budget).”